Principles forces that drive eshish


Principles forces that drive eshish

So, what is Eshish?

How does it work? And how is it different from a regular cigarette?

Let’s take a closer look…

First of all, Shisha sticks are not cigarettes. There is no smoke causing harm to you and others, because nothing is actually burning. Shisha sticks are actually electronic devices. Though they are very similar to a cigarette in function and appearance, they offer a completely different experience. Here, the device is filled with a cartridge of liquid ingredients connected to a battery and a heating element. When you take a draw, this element heats the liquid cartridge and produces a vapour that you inhale. And if you aren’t taking a drag, the battery isn’t operating. So you don’t need to worry about your Shisha stick running through the cartridge if you aren’t actively using it.


The vapour produced by Eshish comes in a variety of different flavours designed to please the palette and keep things fresh and clean. Compare that with a burning cigarette filling your lungs and the air around you with dozens of harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke. Which sounds better to you?

You might have noticed the glow at the end of the stick, resembling the embers at the far end of a cigarette. That’s a design choice, helping to give Eshish an authentic flair. But that glow is produced by an LED light, not flame. And it serves a purpose beyond the merely cosmetic, as it will blink to notify you the moment that your cartridge has been emptied.

So no risk of fire from careless use, no smoke smell saturating your clothes and the space around you, no breathing in lungfuls of harmful smoke, no addictive Nicotine, and no social stigma to deal with like the one attached to smoking a cigarette. Just delicious, harmless vapour that you can enjoy almost anywhere without bothering anyone around you. For all of these reasons and more, Eshish is the future for responsible adults, one that you can enjoy today.


A new perspective


A new perspective

The Benefits You Get…

We’ve all known about the harmful effects of cigarette smoking for years. The health concerns are real and very scary. So, should I be concerned about Eshish?

First of all, Eshish isn’t burning tobacco and forcing you and everyone around you to breathe in harmful smoke. Eshish is an electronic device which heats a liquid cartridge, producing a steam vapour which is inhaled and exhaled as you would do with a cigarette. But the vapour which comes from a Shisha stick isn’t brimming with the toxic mix of chemicals, additives and harmful agents which fill cigarette smoke. In fact, this vapour produces no toxins at all and has no known ill effects on the health of yourself and the people around you.

So, what is this liquid? Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. Don’t start to panic at those chemical descriptions that make them sound like something terrible. They’re really very simple ingredients.

  1. Propylene Glycol is an organic compound with no colour, barely any odour and a sweet taste. It’s recognized as generally safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and is already widely used in numerous other consumer products like toothpaste, cosmetics and a wide variety of commercial baked goods.
  2. Vegetable Glycerin is a simple sugar alcohol compound which doesn’t affect blood sugar levels, nor does it actually deliver any sort of intoxication. It’s another colourless, odourless ingredient also used in foodstuffs, common pharmaceutical products such as toothpaste and cough syrup, and botanical extracts.
  3. The only other ingredient in Shisha sticks are flavour agents just like the ones used in other foods and fruit drinks.


All Eshish products conform to the highest levels of Health & Safety standards. The batteries and cartridges are tested to universal standards, with full MSDS, SGS and SAFETY certification of the product. And we don’t try to save money unloading cheap knockoffs made with bad products and second-rate ingredients. Everything here is the best available to give you the healthiest, most enjoyable product available today.




Making the Headlines…

Eshish is the flavoured vapour product that has taken the world by storm. The same sensation of smoking, but without the health issues and annoyances involved with that. And it tastes great, with a variety of sensational flavours available. Everyone wants to know more as Eshish continues to make appearances in more places every day.

What the people are saying…

Right or wrong, there has always been a certain style and sophistication associated with smoking. Now, you can enjoy that feeling without the hassle, the mess, the nuisance and the health hazards of smoking a traditional cigarette. Eshish allows you to enjoy that sensation, and also enjoy a selection of surprisingly bold flavours. And EshishWorld is at the forefront of this growing craze, happy to promote only authentic, quality products that deliver the best every time. Don’t take our word for it, check out what some of our happy customers have to say about EshishWorld.


“Hi, great product and very fast delivery will buy from you again.” – Mike A.

“Love the prompt and excellent service & communication – will be sure to buy again from you because of it!” – Stef B.


buy more, save more...


buy more, save more...

Get in touch with us!

EshishWorld offers the chance for all of our great products to be purchased wholesale.

Chances are that many of your clients already love the harmless flavour experience of Eshish. This is your chance to stock up. Imagine being able to keep all of your patrons supplied with Shisha sticks without their needing to go elsewhere. You get happier customers and become known as a place that’s progressive enough to support something fun, harmless, new and exciting.


We’re looking for smart, forward thinking owners of social businesses.

Maybe you own a club or bar, or a pub, or a restaurant, or a hotel, and you’ve seen your customers enjoying Eshish. By making a wholesale buy from us, you can supply them with a healthy product that you know is of the highest quality. We win, you win, and your customers win. Everyone ends up happy, and your bank account shows the value of the purchase in the long run through positive word of mouth.


Join together and share with friends…

You already know that you enjoy what we have to offer. Chances are that some of your friends and family also love the harmless flavour experience of Eshish. This is your chance to stock up. No more worries about dwindling personal stock. No more concerns that your favourite flavour might not be available when you next need to make an order. And you can band together with a friend and share the costs, and rewards, of making a bulk buy, ensuring that Shisha remains the social experience that it was always intended to be.

Bulk buying allows you to ensure that you always have it around for whatever occasion. It’s perfect for someone planning a party, for anyone who likes to offer their guests something vibrant and exciting. Imagine a poker night without the constant haze of cigar smoke choking the room. Or maybe you just like the security of knowing that when you reach for a stick, one will be there for you.

Buying wholesale is a way for you to get serious about Eshish. You can save money in the long run while ensuring that you always have your favourite past-time around. And that’s just smart!

The Merchandise


This is it, the craze sweeping the headlines and knocking happy customers off their feet. And really, what’s not to like? It might look like a cigarette, but it features absolutely none of the drawbacks of that dirty habit. This is the perfect little treat for anyone who wants to be noticed without adversely affecting everyone around them. Everyone wants to be seen. True sophistication means being seen without needing to be tolerated.

No messy ash. No addictive ingredients. No smoke at all. Just a refreshing vapour which isn’t going to coat your lungs in a layer of tar or bother the people around you. Eshish allows you to enjoy the sinful sophistication of shisha without suffering from the sins of smoking. It’s the perfect solution for any night out.

The actual Eshish sticks come in a variety of vibrant colours. Pull one of these out of the colourful pack and we guarantee that people will be asking you what you’ve got there. Each stick provides 300 puffs of high quality flavourful vapour, with longer versions available which average 500 puffs apiece. Take a drag on one of these the same way you would from a cigarette and you’ll soon notice yet another way that Eshish is the superior experience.


No thick smoke filled with tobacco and dozens of other noxious substances. No, this is a warm vapour with a surprisingly vibrant selection of flavours available. Rather than a thick, stodgy experience that only serves to slow you down, Eshish is refreshing. It’s the perfect opener to cranking up your evening’s second wind.

Eshish comes in a variety of exciting fruit flavours designed to awaken the senses and give your taste buds a punch. Apple, Blueberry, Grape, Peach, Pomegranate and Strawberry are all available, coming in packs of five. Or, grab a 5 Flavours mix pack and experience the rainbow of nearly everything Eshish has to offer.

But maybe you aren’t a fan of fruit flavours. You know what? We still have you covered with the full range of the Eshish Mint Collection as a lip smacking alternative. This second assortment of Eshish takes fruit flavours and mixes them with refreshing mint for a blend that will kick your senses in to overdrive. Choose from Banana, Blueberry, Grape, Tangerine or Watermelon to shake up with the classic sensibility of cool mint.





Say Hello to Luli, the first electronic cigarette designed from the top down for the sophisticated woman who wants something a little bit different. This is for a modern woman who is long past the idea of a ‘girl version’ coming only in hot pink and smelling like cheap perfume and stale flowers. The Luli doesn’t want any part of old products which see every woman as someone waiting at home to giggle at a dozen roses being delivered. You’re too strong for such outdated sensibilities. Just like you’re beyond the idea of lighting up a cigarette and filling yourself and the room with a cloud of toxic smoke. The Luli is the next evolutionary step.

See, this isn’t a cigarette. You don’t even smoke it, you breathe in vapour. No addictive narcotics. No stink of smoke filling everything around you. Just harmless vapour. You can even use them indoors in most places, since they won’t be ruining the night of everyone around you.

Luli is designed with a slimmer, shorter look than a standard Eshish stick. These ultra lightweight sticks are the perfect combination of sleek discretion and attention-grabbing style. And they’re available in three vibrant flavours which will awaken the palate and bring a smile to your face after even the longest of days. Choose from any of Cappuccino, Bubblegum and French Vanilla and enjoy your new favourite thing.


Let’s face it, the days of the smoker are long past. Sure, you might still indulge in the habit, but society has moved on. Now you’re stuck outside in the middle of winter, shivering away as you take a hit. And all the while, everyone else is staring at you like you’re committing a crime. Do you really enjoy being shunned like this? Of course not.

It’s time to really think about moving on. But quitting is hard. Believe us, we know. And that’s where RegCig comes in. Regcig is a disposable electronic cigarette that will give you the look, feel and sensation of a real smoke without all the problems. No smoke affecting you and everyone around you. No dirty ashes everywhere. No smell.

When you take a pull from RegCig, you’re actually breathing in a vapour. And this is one electronic cigarette that doesn’t skimp when it comes to taste, available in both Tobacco and Menthol. We know you’ve seen those other electronic cigarettes and found them wanting, and that’s why RegCig was designed to perfectly replicate the sensation of smoking a real cigarette. Same size, same weight, same experience. Only without the harmful side effects for everyone around you.

Whether you want to take the first step toward quitting altogether, or you just want to continue enjoying your habit while showing more social responsibility, RegCig is the perfect product for you. Available in a variety of nicotine strengths, RegCig lets you take back control. And isn’t that really what you want?




The following product ranges are manufactured by Vapelux. For any further complaints or comments pertaining to damaged goods you should contact the manufacturers directly. Vapelux produce the items sold on this site – and we act as mere distributors on their behalf. Please view and make use of their contact details. They are more than happy to resolve any problem you may have. Vapelux – website / email – / call – +44 208 344 2000 / postal address – Vapelux Ltd, Castle House 21-23 Station Road New Barnet Herts EN5 1PH

Stockists and Partners


About Us

A word from us to you

About Us

A word from us to you

A product we know!

All of us here at EshishWorld enjoy shisha. The first time we tried it, we were immediately captivated by the quality and richness of the product. We were sceptical that a healthy alternative could still deliver the kind of enjoyable taste punch that was promised, but we were delighted to be proved wrong. The range of bold flavours coming on to the market is impressive, and we wanted to help bring them to all of you.

Many of us are ex-smokers. We know how hard a habit that can be to kick. It’s wonderful to see a new product on the market which allows people to enjoy something that isn’t negative for themselves and everyone around them as cigarettes are. And that’s the sort of business that we wanted to be a part of. Part of the reason that we started the Eshish World Group was to offer this healthy alternative for smokers, something that lets them step back in from the fringes that their previous habit forced them out to.



Let’s take the next step forward together…

At the same time, Shisha is an exciting, vibrant product offering something healthy and fresh for anyone who wants to try. It’s a healthy new experience without any concerns about addiction or health problems. That’s why we’re happy to be in the business of offering Eshish to anyone who wants to have a good time without having to worry about side effects.

With EshishUK, we helped bring this exciting new product to the world. We want to continue to be the driving force behind expanding this market beyond what it is now, and it’s time to take the next step. With EshishWorld, we can continue to deliver great products, only now we can help to make it bigger. By allowing commercial customers like clubs, hotels and pubs to buy large quantities directly from us which they can pass along to their consumers, we can all work together to spread a healthy activity to a larger client base.


Tea and cakes at the coffee break...


Tea and cakes at the coffee break...

Welcome to the World of Eshish…

“It’s not the eshish talking…”


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Wendy Daguno
Marketing Guru

Eshish legend, supercharged and karaoke queen!


Michael Burns
Accounts Mastermind

Workaholic, mountain climber and life-coach.


Danielle Stone
IT Wizard

Musician, skiing instructor and stamp collector.


Simon Feldman
Logistics Expert

Quicker than machine, story-teller and artist.

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Dreaming of being part of this revolution? Be daring and send us a message, we may have something just right for you…

Spot a Fake

Spot a Fake


Is it the Real Deal?



Look, we’d love to be the seller of choice for everyone out there. And we believe that EshishWorld and our sister site EshishUK offer the best service and bang for your buck out there. But one of the primary reasons that we got in to this business was to help people out.

And with fake Eshish knockoffs showing up these days on ebay and second-rate websites just looking to profit from a con, we want everyone out there to know how to spot a bad wannabe. If you can’t buy from us to guarantee that you’re getting the best product around, you should know how to spot a fake.

The first thing to look at is the lid on the packaging. A real Eshish pack has a 24 mm. high lid. The fake ones are shorter, closer to 18mm. in height. This might not sound like much, but it is noticeable if you know to look for it.


Second, look at the front of the package. The Eshish brand label should be completely free of any other disruptive design elements. If you’re seeing a line through the title or anything else but the Eshish product name, you’re looking at a knock-off.

Finally, take a look at the product inside the pack. Authentic Eshish sticks have longer rubber caps on them than the fakes do. Unfortunately, you’ve already thrown down your money on a bad forgery at this point, but at least you know not to buy from that supplier ever again.

Contact Us

Contact Us


A word from you to us…

As we continue to update our systems we will scurry to have better forms of communications… Gotta make do with what we have! For now, give us the great pleasure of your most recent thoughts and suggestions by way of the old fashioned electronic mail – info[at]eshishworld[dot]com.

We are looking forward to hearing how you are making a difference!